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  • over1.3 billion tons of foodis wasted per year at the global level. Food is lost throughout the entire supply chain.
  • over88 million tons of foodis wasted each year in Europe. At least a quarter of that food is still eatable.
  • Around118.0 million peoplelive in households at risk of poverty or social exclusion in Europe.

There are several heroes out there

Helping people in need by giving new use to surplus items.

  • Non-profit organizations

  • Local government

  • Food Bank

  • Social Impact initiatives

what is Re_Seed?

A digital platform for management and traceability of surplus food stock. It empowers entities with social or food waste programmes by optimising and streamlining their operations and internal processes.

This platform goes beyond stock management and provides insightful and tailored reports for all the actors involved.

how does it work?

Any entity that manages donations of surplus food to people in need and is looking for more accountability in their operations can register here and start its own network by inviting their partners:

  • Volunteers helping with their operations and logistics.
  • Businesses with surplus food that want to know the final destination of their donations/under price sells.
  • Local Governments that want detailed information on the social work of associations working under their umbrella.
  • The entity managing surplus food can start registering all the donations and purchases in the Re_Seed platform.
  • Business donating or selling surplus food can also input the surplus they want to donate/sell in the Re_Seed platform.
  • Entities will be able to assign volunteers to pick up and deliver the surplus items.
  • Volunteers with a smartphone will provide information of the pickups by quickly checking points in the app.
  • The whole process from food businesses, warehouses and final charity will be traced.
  • All the actors can have access to tailored reports, logistics checkpoints and real-time stock information.


  • Real-time stock management

  • Product traceability

  • Alerts and notifications

  • Access to tailored reports

Join the Re-Seed platform and empower your activities!